Teacher Wellbeing Podcast

Teacher Wellbeing is a podcast for educators and school staff.

Happy, healthy people are more effective teachers and more productive members of society.

Yet, an increasing number of teachers are suffering stress-related illness and burnout. Some of these educators struggle through at a reduced capacity, but quite a lot just leave the profession altogether.

Many educators put everyone else’s health and happiness before their own, because they just want to make a difference.

However, it backfires because the external expectations and demands of the job keep increasing regardless of the dwindling reserves of teachers.

This podcast aims to facilitate and contribute to the conversation about teacher wellbeing, positive schools and burnout prevention, to inspire and empower educators of all kinds to take back control of their health and happiness by being proactive about their wellbeing, and to give teachers permission to put themselves first, so that they can go on making a difference long into the future.


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Episodes of Teacher Wellbeing:

S09 E01: Self-Care is a Chore!

S09 E01: Self-Care is a Chore!

Welcome to Season 9 of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast! Self-care is so often sold to us by Instagram influencers and companies that want to sell us goop to put on our faces as some lovely indulgence. But that's rarely been my experience.   It's also not the kind...

S08 E11: You Are Not Lazy, You Are Tired

S08 E11: You Are Not Lazy, You Are Tired

In this episode of the Teacher Wellbeing podcast I'm sharing gentle reminder for teachers: you are NOT lazy, you are tired. There is a very real difference!     In challenging times, it's normal to have less energy than usual. Our capitalist culture has conditioned us...

S08 E07: Teacher Stories | Jane M

S08 E07: Teacher Stories | Jane M

The final interview for Season 8 is a beautiful conversation with artist and teacher Jane Mant. What's your #teacherwellbeing persona? Take this FREE four-minute quiz to reveal your teacher wellbeing strengths and weaknesses.What we talk about in this episode: Points...

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