In this episode of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast I have a really valuable and vulnerable conversation with Laura, who you may know from Instagram as @educatinglaura or from her podcast, After the Bell. Laura is a high school teacher from Victoria and we recorded this while in lockdown so there is a little bit of background noise from her kids but we all know the realities of lockdowns these days, don’t we?

Laura tells us about her journey overcoming the martyr syndrome that exists in our education culture, and how that really played out for her in her first several years of teaching. For example she tells us about the problematic beliefs she had that made it such a struggle to make a change like taking work emails off her phone and feeling the pressure to be available 24/7, as well as the huge difference it makes to have a Principal who understands and actively supports teachers wellbeing as people first and teachers second.

Laura also tells us about a couple of big personal wake up calls that started to really shift her focus on herself and what really matters in her life, and I do want to just share a content warning that we touch on pregnancy loss in this episode so just be aware of that as you listen. Laura also tells us about what wellbeing looks like for her these days and her top tips for early career teachers, and she has some really great tips to share.


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