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Please note, Ellen is on Maternity Leave from Sept 2021

Ellen won’t be taking on new clients until 2022, and availability will be limited so it will be a case of first in, best dressed.

If you would like to be notified when spots open up in her calendar in 2022, please sign up via the interest list below.

You love being a teacher. Or, at least, you used to.

You find such joy in the light-bulb moments, the times when students achieve and create, and when they finally grasp a concept they’ve been working towards.

Then there are the inevitable hilarious times in the classroom. Kids say and do the darnedest things!

There is that peculiar mix of heart-warming and heart-breaking moments. It’s part and parcel of working with groups of small humans with different needs and from different backgrounds.

Being a teacher is a truly interesting and rewarding job. But you’re tired…

Really, really tired.

You don’t have the energy or the patience or the optimism you once had.

You seem to get sick fairly often. Not majorly ill, just regular coughs and colds. You soldier on.

You feel frustrated about aspects of the education system. Disillusioned. Perhaps even demoralised.

Maybe you’ve found yourself absently searching the internet for alternative careers when you’re procrastinating doing your end-of-term marking.

But then you have a couple of weeks off over the school holidays and return to the new term feeling brighter, sure that it was just a blip on the radar.

This term will be different.

You’re better prepared for the units of work, and you’ve got some pretty new stationery.

All is well.

But by week 5 you’re surviving on coffee and chocolate again.

Exercise and a social life are once again relegated to the next lot of school holidays.

You feel ‘wired but tired’ quite a lot.

It’s hard to switch off at night, even though you know you need to get a good night’s sleep.

The ‘to-do’ list is never-ending and you have a low but constant feeling of not being and not doing enough (whatever enough is).

You’re starting to notice a pattern.

A boom and bust cycle.

You love the job at the start of the term, but by the end of term you are feeling grumpy and resentful.

You really want to be healthy. You have a list of healthy habits that you want to implement, when you have a bit more time and energy.

You make a great start over the school holidays, but the wellbeing practices always seem to fall by the wayside by about week 5.

You’re a person first and a teacher second, and yet it often seems like the balance is bit out of whack.

You don’t want to not be a teacher, you just don’t want it to take over your life quite so much. 

Hi, I’m your Teacher Wellbeing Coach, Ellen Ronalds Keene!

I’m a teacher, coach and self-care advocate.

I help tired teachers reconnect with themselves, create sustainable wellbeing practices, and learn to balance the demands of their work with the desires of their life.

I am the host of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast and the founder of The Resource Room: an online hub to support teachers with their health, happiness and wellbeing.

I began my career as a high school Japanese, English and Music teacher and went on to become an Advanced Practitioner of Coaching and gain a number of other qualifications in wellbeing, such as Meditation Teaching, Holistic Human Development and Chair Yoga.

I am also a bit of a health and wellbeing nerd, reading and listening to copious amounts of information to apply to my own health, and then sharing that knowledge with my clients and podcast audience.

My mission is to help teachers to find their way to great health, happiness and wellbeing while cultivating fulfilling and sustainable work and life. I would love to support you in doing this too.

I believe it is possible for you to cultivate extraordinary wellbeing and resilience as a teacher and get rid of the overwhelm. 

I would love to be your guide on that journey.

My Coaching Packages are for you if you are one or more of the following:

  • You want a sustainable career as a teacher and are determined to get off the burnout bandwagon
  • You are seriously ready for something to change so you can get back to enjoying the job you once loved
  • You are seeking a deeper connection with yourself, more space for your dreams and more pleasure in your life
  • You want to reconnect to an identity that isn’t solely defined by ‘teacher’
  • You want to find more of a life outside of school and you know that doing so will bring fresh energy to your work in the classroom
  • You want to cultivate wellbeing rituals, healthy habits and a supportive self-care practice that can help you survive the tough times and thrive in the good times
  • You are tired of only talking about and thinking about your school, your classroom, your students, and you’re ready to focus on YOU
  • You need more balance in your life and you want to find a way to be an amazing teacher while still having time and energy left for yourself, your passions, your loved ones and your dreams
  • You want to retrain those negative thought patterns and behaviours that keep you stuck in habits and cycles that don’t serve you or the people around you
  • You want to let go of things like comparisonitis, perfectionism, martyrdom, people pleasing and being the ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy’
  • You are ready to give up beliefs and behaviours that are blocking your wellbeing, holding you back from happiness and sabotaging your health
  • You are willing to invest in yourself to harness the power of gentle accountability and encouragement that a coach can bring
  • You want to quit the DIY attitude to everything that results in you spending way too much of your precious time in order to save a few dollars
  • You know you need to set some boundaries in your life and you want some guidance and support to do so
  • You want to value and honour yourself more, and lead a life that reflects your values and purpose
  • You have let go of excuses. You know there are no quick fixes and that there are very real challenges in the profession, but you are ready to take control of the things you can do something about
  • You’ve lost the zest you used to have for the job and found yourself becoming more cynical about education and the people you work with
  • You believe our education system can and should be more/different, and you know you can’t have a hand in that if you are exhausted, demoralised and have a headache
  • You want to love and prioritise the person that you are and you know if you do that first, the teacher will take care of themselves

My Coaching Packages are not for you if:

  • You are already burnt out or demoralised*
  • You have depression or anxiety*
  • You are looking for leadership or executive coaching — I recommend working with Katrina Bourke
  • You are looking for classroom or curriculum support
  • You are looking for a quick fix or a prescription
  • You want to be told to leave the profession
  • You are looking for a friend to back up your moans about the education system
  • You are not ready to give up your unhelpful patterns of belief and behaviour that are keeping you stuck
  • You want to talk about or whinge about your particular school, a student, a parent, a colleague, a leader
  • You are proud of your busy badge and are unwilling to find an identity that isn’t ‘teacher’

*Please note: In these cases I may be able to work with you as part of your health care team, if you provide me a clearance letter from your GP and/or mental health practitioner. I will always recommend seeking professional support from qualified medical and allied health professionals and I will refer you on when necessary.

Wellbeing Coaching Prices

Package Options

    • Habby Habits Accountability Coaching Bundle: $150 upfront or $55 per month (6 x 15 min sessions to be used within 3 months)
    • 3-pack bundle Wellbeing Coaching Sessions: $475 upfront or $160 per month (3 x 50 min sessions to be used within 3 months)
    • 3-month fortnightly Life & Wellbeing Coaching Package: $900 total (3 x monthly payments of $300; 6 sessions to be used within 3 months)
    • [Sold out for 2021] 6-month fortnightly Prioritise YOU Wellbeing Coaching Package: $1400 total (5 x monthly payments of $280; 10 session to be used within 6 months)

Once you have completed a package or bundle you will have the option to book one-off sessions. These are only available to previous clients however, because a rapport has already been established and goals have already been set. If you are unsure as to whether coaching is a good fit and would like a ‘one-off’ intro chat with me to find out more, a free Discovery Call is the best place to start. 

Please note: All prices are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST.

Give Back Policy

I offer a number of pay-what-you-can and scholarship coaching options throughout the year as my schedule allows. 

I am committed to offering these coaching opportunities for teachers for whom my packages and prices are not personally accessible.

If this is you, please complete the form below. We can then let you know about the current status of my waiting list and the process for obtaining one of these opportunities.

Please note that pay-what-you-can and scholarship client opportunities are exclusive to The Self-Care for Teachers Advocate mailing list subscribers. 

If the prices outlined on this page are not personally accessible, but you would love to work with me, please click here to complete this form to apply.

Please note, Ellen is on Maternity Leave from Sept 2021

Ellen won’t be taking on new clients until 2022, and availability will be limited so it will be a case of first in, best dressed.

If you would like to be notified when spots open up in her calendar in 2022, please sign up via the interest list below.

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