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Below you will find every* free and paid digital product I’ve created so far on the topics of wellbeing and career decisions for teachers.

*Make sure you check back periodically as I am updating and adding to this page. There’s a bunch of resources from my old course platform that I’m in the process of transferring and also some half-finished stuff on my hard drive that I’m determined to publish in 2024 so stay tuned!

Resources For Teachers' Personal Wellbeing

30 Days of Self-Care Calendar | Free download

Finding moments for self-care when you’re busy and exhausted can feel impossible.

This carefully curated calendar offers 30 prompts designed to take just 15 minutes, giving you a well-deserved boost.

Nurture your wellbeing, one small activity at a time.

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End-of-Year Wellbeing Check-in for Teachers | Free workbook

As the school year winds down, it’s time for a different kind of lesson – a lesson in self-care and reflection.

I get it – you’re tired, you’re grumpy, and the last thing you want is another task on your plate. But trust me, this isn’t just another task. It’s your ticket to wrapping up the year with grace and gearing up for a well-deserved break.

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Seasons of Wellbeing | Online Class AU$55

Struggling with wellbeing in different seasons of your life? This online class is for you.

It’s about my new model of wellbeing that is designed specifically to fit the seasons of your life, work and wellbeing.

We all need self-care. In particular, parents, carers and helping professionals need to pour back into themselves to replenish what they give to others so often.

Yet wellbeing looks very different in seasons of illness or grief compared to when we are unaffected by major life events.

Learn how to identify what Season of Wellbeing you are in can and why it’s so powerful.

30 Days of Self-Care Challenge | Audio Course AU$55

An Audio Course + Workbook for Tired, Depleted Teachers to Cultivate a Daily Wellbeing Ritual.

In just 15 minutes per day, this audio course will help you create a new self-care practice that supports your wellbeing as a person first and a teacher second!

Buy it here

Surviving The Education System | Online Class AU$55

Wondering how you’re going to make it through another school year? This online class is for you.

The reality is that the system is not designed to look after you, the individual person who works in it. And that is a feature, not a bug.

In this presentation we will cover how you can survive a system like that.

Grab tickets to watch live on 3rd February or on recording afterwards.

Resources For Teachers Considering Career Change

Should I Stay or Should I Go? | Workshop AU$55

An on-demand class for teachers considering career change.

You love teaching (or you used to). But now you’re wondering if staying in your job is the right decision for you or if it’s time to move on.

The truth is, there are more than just two options available to you.

Stress and pressure often make us feel as though we only have two choices: stay or go. But that’s not the case.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to explore your options and reflect on the right path for you.

Before You Leave Teaching | Online Course AU$550

An online course for teachers contemplating a career shift.

It is possible to go from anxious analysis paralysis to confident career design (in or out of the classroom). This course is about what you need to know and consider to make the decision and best support you, whether you stay or go.

If you’re a teacher feeling conflicted about your career, thinking about potentially leaving teaching… 

You’re between a rock and a hard place. I see you.

Be proactive so that you can protect your health, your finances and your reputation.

Resources For School Wellbeing Champions

School Wellbeing Champions Ebook | Free - COMING SOON

Are you making these 7 mistakes with your school’s wellbeing initiatives?

Find out in this free ebook for School Wellbeing Champions (coming soon).

Sign up to get your free ebook when it’s ready (due mid March!)

How To Work in Wellbeing | Online Training AU$198

For teachers and school wellbeing champions who want to embark upon a career in wellbeing.

How to Work in Wellbeing is a 90-minute on-demand training about how to be proactive about career design so that your work revolves around wellbeing instead of the classroom.

NB. This is not a wellbeing training, it’s a career training. It’s doesn’t cover wellbeing content but rather what you need to consider and do to make a shift from classroom teacher to some sort of wellbeing role.

Be proactive about your career and make the shift to working in wellbeing.

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