Happy New Year teachers! In this episode of the Teacher Wellbeing podcast I have a fantastic chat with one of my past teacher clients, Emma. Emma shares so generously about the challenges she’s experienced with perfectionism, people pleasing and the martyr culture getting in the way of wellbeing.
She’s spent a lot of time reflecting on this and unlearning these tendencies and shares some beautiful insights in this episode, including letting go of the need to be ‘super teacher’, recognising the difference between school-imposed deadlines and self-imposed deadlines, and the power of having trusted people to hold you accountable.
Emma also tells us how a supportive principal and 2 supportive colleagues saved her teaching career, so I think it’s an incredible lesson that no matter your position in a school you can and do make a difference to the people you work with. The question is will it be a positive difference or not?
There’s so much good stuff in this episode, including setting boundaries, the ancient Jewish practice of Sabbath, and giving yourself permission to do more things just for fun. Emma also shares a bit about her experience in the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching program, which is open for enrolment again right now.
The Resilient Teacher is a 6 month group coaching program for teachers building their resilience and wellbeing in 2022. It’s 1 individual coaching session with me, and 12 fortnightly group coaching calls to support you throughout Semester 1 this year, beginning with a welcome call on Saturday 29th January 2022. Calls are held on Zoom so you can join from anywhere in Australia, on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings.

P.S. Now is a great time to put your name down on the waiting list to work with me when I come back from Maternity Leave in 2022. I’ll only be back part time so it will definitely be a case of first in best dressed and the waiting list for my 1:1 coaching or for the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching Program will be notified first when spots open up in my calendar: https://mailchi.mp/33f69a083043/work-with-ellen-waiting-list

There is also a waiting list for School Wellbeing Champions too. In 2020 and 2021 I’ve run a number of meetups and workshops for School Wellbeing Champions, who are the amazing educators and staff members who are driving wellbeing initiatives from the ground up in schools. And in 2022 I plan to run some more of these, with options for both PD relating to wellbeing initiatives you can run in your school, and opportunities for networking, connecting and learning from Wellbeing Champions around Australia. So if that sounds like you, pop your name on the interest list at selfcareforteachers.com.au/wellbeingchampions


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