In this episode I am sharing with you a clip from the Resilient Teacher Roadmap online course, and it’s really the metaphor that underpins the roadmap, about approaching our resilience and wellbeing the way an engineer builds a bridge: knowing and planning for it to flood and designing the bridge accordingly, not building a flimsy bridge and praying it doesn’t rain.
You can find the Resilient Teacher Roadmap course in my online shop at anytime
But I also want to invite you to join the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching Program, which starts on 29th January or 1st February, depending which cohort you join. It’s a 6 month group coaching program for teachers wanting support, encouragement and community in building their resilience and wellbeing in 2022.
Enrolment is open now, head to
You heard Emma share in the previous episode how being a part of the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching Program helped her make some changes in her life and improve her wellbeing as a person and as a teacher. And I’d love to support you this year to do the same.
So here’s a little snippet of my approach and my clients have found it a really valuable metaphor to help them reflect on their resilience and wellbeing, set goals and seek support when needed.


P.S. Now is a great time to put your name down on the waiting list to work with me when I come back from Maternity Leave in 2022. I’ll only be back part time so it will definitely be a case of first in best dressed and the waiting list for my 1:1 coaching or for the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching Program will be notified first when spots open up in my calendar:

There is also a waiting list for School Wellbeing Champions too. In 2020 and 2021 I’ve run a number of meetups and workshops for School Wellbeing Champions, who are the amazing educators and staff members who are driving wellbeing initiatives from the ground up in schools. And in 2022 I plan to run some more of these, with options for both PD relating to wellbeing initiatives you can run in your school, and opportunities for networking, connecting and learning from Wellbeing Champions around Australia. So if that sounds like you, pop your name on the interest list at


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