Oh my goodness, it’s finally here! The Teacher Wellbeing Podcast is LIVE!

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In this episode, the host is in the hot seat. Seeing as I want a big part of this podcast to be about real teachers telling their stories, I figured I better lead by example. So I asked my friend Madison to interview me, who has known me since before I got ill and knows the whole story (so she could pull me up if I skipped something important — and she did!). I tell my story from ill-health to wellbeing in the education system, I share the changes I made in my life to prioritise my health and happiness, and explain what self-care means to me.

“When you’re not coping because of the way you’ve been neglecting yourself, that’s not a way I want to live my life anymore. As difficult and uncomfortable as it can be to overcome those feelings of guilt, as difficult as it can be to ask for help, to say no…it’s even more difficult and uncomfortable to neglect myself to the point where I become unable to contribute even to my own life, let alone to the people around me, let alone to the wider community.”

Ellen’s top tips for teachers: 

  • Be self-aware and in tune with how you’re feeling.
  • Prioritise your physical health. Get enough sleep, get some level of exercise that works for you, eat well and do some kind of conscious relaxation practice.
  • Check in with your ‘why’. Why are you teaching? Keep this top of mind. Ask yourself if the short term gains of immediate decisions are undermining the long term goal. 
  • Remember that done is better than perfect. 
  • Have self-compassion. Accept that you will make mistakes and be ok with that. 
  • Detach your self-worth from the day to day ups and downs of the job. 

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