Announcement: I’m pregnant and taking some maternity leave from mid September 2021! Therefore, there are some changes happening at Self-Care for Teachers.
It means there are only 3 months left to sign up to coaching with me as I will be closing my books a couple months before I take maternity leave. Since my coaching is always in a series and you can’t do one off session sunless you’re a previous client, I’ll need to start the last coaching series group in term 3 so make sure if you have been thinking about signing up for coaching do so or wait until this time next year! Also I’m changing things up with the discovery calls due to an unfortunate run of no shows and so it’s one free appointment only, if you miss it without communicating then it will be a fee before you can rebook. Webinars are free and there is a recording so you don’t have to be there live but discovery call not so much. Read more about my coaching and sign up for a free Discovery call at
Also, the resilient teacher coaching program will not be running again this year because I’ll be on maternity leave in term 4 but I am going to do something special in term 3 on the topic of resilient teachers so stay tuned and make sure you’re on the waiting list to hear about that! Sign up for the waiting list at
The plan is to run the full program again in Term 1 2022 with it being the only way to work with me in person in first part of next year but no promises, I will see how things go with Bub! Get on the waiting list anyway and you’ll get updates about it.
School Wellbeing Champions: I haven’t been able to progress that as much as I’d hoped because I’ve been so unwell but I haven’t forgotten and I am definitely planning on doing something with that later this term or in term 3 so make sure you’re on the regular newsletter list for that too if you’re interested in being a school wellbeing champions.
Also, I’m keen to make my School Wellbeing Sessions PD options as accessible as possible to Rural, Regional and Remote schools because I know there are extra challenges there with accessing PD compared with those of you in metro schools. So I’d love to hear about your challenges with accessing PD in RRR areas, keen to help address some of those in my trainings, so let me know at [email protected] if that’s you!
Also you can always sign up for the Freebies Library and take the Teacher Wellbeing Personal Quiz, both are free.

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