Welcome back to the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast, which is now 4 years old!
In celebration of this milestone, I’m sharing a replay of S04 E10 from 2018, about the Three Thinking Traps that Sabotage Your Wellbeing As a Teacher.
Last week I shared my favourite episode, but this week I’m sharing your favourite episode, or at least, the most downloaded episode of the last 4 years.
It’s about the three thinking traps that sabotage your wellbeing as a teacher and what to do instead. I see these thinking traps all the time and I experience them myself, so don’t feel like you’re alone in it.
Of course it’s not an exhaustive list, but these are the top three that I see and I think it’s useful to identify them so that we can get out of the trap. I’ve heard Katrina Bourke say that we have to “name it to tame it” when talking about emotions, and I think it applies here too.
Once we’re aware of these thinking traps, we can catch ourselves in the act and redirect our thoughts to be more conducive to supporting our self-care and our wellbeing and resilience, instead of sabotaging and undermining it.

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