The new school year is about to begin and I know that means many of you are in the midst of inservice, professional development, student free days and setting up your classrooms.
We’re still between seasons of the podcast but in this bonus episode, I am sharing with you the audio from a Facebook live video I did last week. If you’re not following me on social media and you’re not subscribed to my Self-Care for Teachers newsletter, The Advocate, then you might have missed the free video workshop series I did on Facebook last week.
I’m sharing the audio from the first of those workshops here and now on the podcast because I think it’s crucial information for all teachers to have in their heads and in their hearts as the school year begins.
Catch the Replays of the 5 workshops before they expire here:
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As always, remember you’re a person first and a teacher second and you are WORTHY of your own care.
May you continue to look after yourself wholeheartedly this year, be a beacon of inspiration for others and an example to encourage your colleagues to do the same.

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