This episode of the Teacher Wellbeing podcast is a fantastic interview with Meg Durham from Open Mind Education. Depending how long you’ve been listening, you may remember Meg from way back in Season 3, Episode 7 and I’m so thrilled to have her back on the podcast.


Meg also has just launched a podcast of her own called School of Wellbeing, so do a search for that in your favourite podcast app and get listening to it too.

Connect with Meg on Instagram @megdurham__ or on her website or find her new podcast ‘School of Wellbeing’ in your podcast app now!

This episode of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast is brought to you by the 30 Days of Self-Care Challenge private podcast audio course: 

In this episode Meg tells us about her journey over the last few years integrating wellbeing into her life, coming from a place of knowing a lot but having to learn to apply it in new and very challenging circumstances.


We talk about the reality of the process of change being messy, how wellbeing plays out with teachers and schools, the importance of buy in from staff when you’re implementing school wellbeing programs and how long they really take to embed, plus the two approaches of proactiveness and learned helplessness that Meg and I have both observed.


Meg then shares a framework that I’ve found so helpful and I hope you will too: she tells us about the 5 Ps that hold us back and the 5 Cs that help us change. It’s a brilliant conversation and I’m so excited to bring it to you.

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