At the best of times, teaching is exciting, exhausting, scary and rewarding. First year teachers find it is all of this and more!
There are so many new things to learn and so, so much work to do.
Non-teaching friends and family don’t really understand the demands of the job, you are still feeling like a bit of an imposter (are they really letting me in the classroom by myself?) and the students can and will test you because you’re new.
There are so many expectations to meet, a lot of new names to remember and lots and lots and lots of paperwork.
It is all too easy as a teacher to always put your needs at the bottom of the list.
This is even more of an issue in your first year as you are eager to prove yourself and likely trying really hard to avoid any negative assessments of your abilities.
Here’s a few dos and don’ts for self-care in your first year. These are from the following blog posts:
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