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 Rebekah’s top tips for teachers:

  • Don’t take things personally! 
  • Set your foundation of physical health: eating, exercise, sleep. Be aware that it’s never ‘fixed’, it’s ok to have a bad week. It starts with your next meal, it starts with your next walk. 
  • The One Minute Rule: if it can be done in less than a minute do it right now.
  • Catch up with friends purposefully. Quality over quantity and be present in that moment. 
  • Make time for your loved ones. Be kind to them. 
  • Be kind to yourself! Because you do fail on a daily basis if you look at it closely enough. Let go and move on, just accept that you can change it in a manner of minutes. 
  • You’re never too busy for the things that count. Try not to use the word busy. 
  • The Ten Minute Rule: each person is allowed to vent about their day for 10 minutes so they can get it off their chest, and have a sympathetic ear, and then we move on with the rest of our night and we don’t touch it again. 

In the first teacher story episode, I interviewed Rebekah, a high school teacher who has some valuable insights to share about growing up, finding yourself, being ‘too busy’ and that elusive work-life balance. There were actually so many great quotes Rebekah made in this episode that I struggled to decide what to include and considered just transcribing the whole 30 minutes! Here are a few of my faves:

“When you do achieve that balance, work satisfaction actually increases. I don’t think I’ve been happier in my job than right now, and yet I’ve had to make some of these hard decisions. And I’m not investing my whole life into it, but I feel more passionate about it than ever!”

“I think my mindset was that in order to be good at my job I just had to be busy all the time, and busy became my persona.”

“You can have your successes, you just need to accept that you are not going to do so well on some things, and really you just need to tap into your strengths and what you do best.”

“Being too busy to sort your own life out, or get happy with your own life outside of work, is not good enough.”

“Work can easily take over your life but if you make the conscious decision that it’s not going to, you will be happier for it.”

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